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The leading educational database, our platform will help students find the right University, Program, and Scholarship for them. You can create a profile to get discovered as well recieving personalized recommendations. No more scattered searching to find youd your dream subject and place to study!

Composite isn't just for discovery. We provide students and their parents with helpful information to help them navigate the University journey-- from University-bound status through, graduate studies, and career.

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Discover and be discovered by Universities, understand your chances of getting in, and find a scholarship to fund your journey!

  • Find The dream University & Program for you

    Find The dream University & Program for you

    Use our edcational database directories to find the best educational outcomes

  • Create a standout Profile

    Create a standout Profile

    Allow universities to discover you and your talents by as well receiving personalised recommendations

  • Understand your Chances

    Understand your Chances

    Use our Understand your Chances Engine to figure out how hard or easy it for you to get in

  • Find a Scholarship

    Find a Scholarship

    Easily find scholarhips you're eligble for according to your profile and chosen educational outcome

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Start planning as a high-school, undergraduate, or even graduate student. Find your ideal next step no matter what stage of your educational journey you're in.

Search our gloval directory of Universities, Programs, and Scholarships to discover different paths. Use the Chances Engine to figure out your success chances. And create your own profile to get discovered and recieve tailored recommendations.


Chernivtsi National University

Chances76.8%Acceptance rate18%

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Sizuka engkol

Sizuka engkol

University of Indonesia

I'm very happy to get this scholarship because the system is very good and I can also enjoy how to study until it's free thank you composite for paving the path.

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